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Taking a war club as carry-on

Freedom lost

Sometimes it's good to reflect on how much freedom we've actually lost in the last twelve years. As an adaptive species, we grow accustomed to anything and everything, regardless of how radical it might be. Here is a quick reminder of how free we used to be.

This is a picture of a relic I brought home from a trip to New Zealand and . . .

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November 05, 2013

A business is not like a baby. It's more like Weekend at Bernies.

Business Metaphors

People love to compare businesses to babies. Recently, Richard Branson said that a business is like a baby turtle.

I have tons of respect for Richard, and the similarities between the fragility of early businesses and babies are undeniable, but there is one important distinction to make here: A startup is never alive, in the sense that it . . .

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October 11, 2013

Silvrback is now open to everyone

High-quality, markdown-powered blogging

I'm proud to announce that Silvrback is out of the pre-order phase and is now open to everybody. You can sign up here.

Silvrback is a clean, distraction-free blogging platform that gives you complete control over your own brand. If you haven't yet read the introduction and story behind Silvrback, check it out here. I've received . . .

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October 07, 2013

Introducing Silvrback

Own Your Brand

Silvrback is a hosted, markdown-powered blog combined with a bio page. The platform is as clean and simple as Medium, while giving you complete control over your own brand. Sign up

I built Silvrback because none of the existing blogging platforms satisfied me completely.

Medium is great for readers but it is bad for writers. Readers are . . .

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August 19, 2013

Write under the influence

A sober writer is a pretentious writer

Choose your drug: alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms… Any one of these will make your writing better, especially if you’re writing something personal.

Writing is only interesting to other people if it is deeply revealing. Your brain has a self defense mechanism which prevents you from divulging too much of yourself to perfect strangers. . . .

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June 29, 2013

Sacrificing Everything For My Dog

How I Became a Programmer

Nobody will bat an eye if you’re making big sacrifices to give your children a better life. This sacrificial behavior is hard wired into our DNA and it’s expected of every parent. In fact, evolution depends on this behavior.

However, if you tell somebody you’re restructuring your life to make your dog happy, there’s a good chance they will . . .

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June 26, 2013

Mycelial CodeFlower

A little d3.js visualization

I found this cool D3.js plugin called CodeFlower recently. I decided to make a codeflower for the Mycelial source code. It’s interesting to see an app clustered visually like this.

To make a codeflower you just need to download the perl script “CLOC” to count the lines of code in your app. The codeflower plugin then takes that clocfile and . . .

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May 05, 2013


Cover image credit: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110517.html