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I'm proud to announce that Silvrback is out of the pre-order phase and is now open to everybody. You can sign up here.

Silvrback is a clean, distraction-free blogging platform that gives you complete control over your own brand. If you haven't yet read the introduction and story behind Silvrback, check it out here. I've received amazing feedback from early users and it's now mature enough for widespread use. Let's take a tour of some of the highlights & features:

Beautiful syntax highlighting

Choose between four different color schemes. (Monokai, Native, Autumn and Default)

def create
  @article =[:article])
  @article.user_id =
    flash[:success] = "Your draft has been saved"
    redirect_to edit_article_path(

Distraction-free back-end. UI codename: Japanese Garden

No bloat. Just the essentials. Pic of the dashboard below:

Silvrback blog image

Own your brand. Choose an icon, or upload your own logo or initials

Silvrback will make you look good while you're promoting your work. Blogging is the single best thing you can do to create new opportunities. A high-quality blogging platform is invaluable. Don't spend any time installing plugins or worrying about site performance.

Silvrback blog image
Some of the icons you can choose from. You can also choose the UI color.

Just you and your writing. A clean slate.

Trust your editor. Your content is auto-saved periodically and every keystroke is backed up to local browser storage. Pic of the editor below:

Silvrback blog image
Silvrback also supports image uploads and custom url-slugs.

Unlimited Bandwidth. Good Platform Scalability

Don't waste your time setting up servers for your blog. Focus on your brand and your product instead.

Silvrback is built on the backbone of AWS, and it is setup to autoscale when a traffic surge is detected. The front-end uses memcached extensively, so your pages will load fast for your readers.

Custom domains, Google Analytics & Disqus

Use your own domain with Silvrback (optional). Track anything and everything with Google Analytics. Allow readers to give you feedback with Disqus.

Bio Page

Control your brand by placing your bio alongside your blog. Don't steer readers away to the confusion of a LinkedIn page. Picture shown below, or check out my bio page.

Silvrback blog image

A Better Archive

Order your articles according to your preferences. Have better control over the direction of post discovery. The reader can still sort by date, however. Check it out here. Apply tags to your posts to give them more meaning.

What users are saying

"Silvrback... It was everything I wanted from Medium and Ghost, and hosted, and easy, and just...everything." Kitgar

"I am loving Silvrback. Would recommend it to anyone." Khalid

"A lot of thought and careful planning went into the features. I can appreciate that. It's nice. Lots of people are coming out with blogging platforms with lots of different features. Silvrback seems to hit the nail on the head by delivering the right features, especially for a programmer looking to blog." Jasonlotito

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